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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my website! I started my members area in November of 2000. All this started about a year or so before that when I put up some photos on an Internet modeling website and that day I started to get fan e-mail and amateur job offers. I was overwhelmed by the responses I was getting from just two amateur photos I put up. I sent out some photos to a local modeling agency here in Cleveland and started doing promotional mainstream modeling and building my portfolio. In this business, I have learned it is meeting good photographers and a few friendly, helpful models that counts. Well, two years later I have been published in many fitness publications such as Ironman, Musclemag, and American Curves and I own a mega adult website that is everything to me, it is my passion! I can't imagine my life without it.

Doing the mainstream modeling is fun but, I am a very sexual person and I wanted to explore more as an adult. I am much different than most models you will find online and in the magazines. I think due to the fact I truly love having sex live on cam and making erotic hardcore videos. I believe a lot of girls are pushed into it and don't enjoy it and just do it for the money. The feeling of an orgasm is incredible and I want others to feel it as much as possible and have fun getting there!

I am from Ohio and lived there most of my life until May of 2004 when I moved across the country to Arizona. . I need to be closer to California as my site grows more . I have had many jobs including my last, which was working for a Japanese International trading company as a secretary. It paid the bills but it just wasn't for me. I have way too much energy to sit behind a desk. I always wanted to run my own business. I get asked quite often why am I doing porn and not just modeling. Simply, I love what I do and I look at each day as a new adventure while keeping my head on my shoulders. I am a bisexual wild child who enjoys life and sex. If I can make someone feel good even for a short moment then I have done my job and love every minute of it.

I also get asked why I am not a contract girl with top porn companies in this industry...I have been approached by some of the biggest names in the industry and have decided to stay on my own and be my own contract girl. It's amazing the response you get from some of the people in this business when you want to start your own company. They believe you will not make it without them. My way is was not the easy way but is best for me in the long run and I have a vision for what I want. All of these companies started somewhere from day one.

My site is growing rapidly each day with well over 30,000 photos, exclusive hard-core videos of me, hundreds of LIVE cam girls including my own cam, fantasy forum board, cam archives, my naughty diary, and audio clits:) (yes, I intentionally spelled it that way) What sets me apart from the rest of the thousands of sites out there? It is a real live site, you can really talk with me and play with me. No one ever pretending to be me. No matter how big my members area grows I can promise you I will always interact and play with you. You will have access to my personal e-mail and I do return e-mail. Since I have had my site up I have received many e-mail from people who's biggest complaints with adult sites are never actually hearing from the girl whom site they joined. I will always try my best to answer my e-mail and give you personal attention. Another big complaint is that they say most girls only put up very short video clips and not many. I offer full length features with muttiple ways of viewing too. You should not be left wondering why you spent you hard earned money. You should be happy and horny!

Shockingly still to me, my site is exploding into the hottest quality adult site on the net! I hope you will join me and see for yourself. Much love~ Catalina

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Catalina's stats:

Hair: long & dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100
Measurements: 32D 23 33

Fan mail address:

Catalina Cruz
3625 N. 16th Street #122B
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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